Dick Allen Hall of Fame Rally

As everyone know, we’re having a rally/news conference on Friday, July 25 to kick off our campaign to get Dick allen elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Over the last few months, we’ve spent countless hours collecting statistics, stories, and testimonials to prove that one of the greatest sluggers in baseball history deserves to be enshrined in the hall the result is a 55-page presentaiton that makes a powerful case.

Feel free to download, then come to our rally on Friday!

Dick Allen Presentation



Since the late former Chicago Cub and White Sox star Ron Santo, who was recently inducted into Baseball’s Hall Of Fame in Cooperstown, the question arises; how come Dick Allen isn’t in ? Well let’s compare the numbers and you will notice that Dick Allen should be a Hall of Famer if Ron Santo is. Santo was a 9 time All Star, who had a .277 career batting average, 342 Home Runs and an OPS+ { adjusted on base plus slugging % } of 125. Santo received No Post Season Awards ! Dick Allen was a 7 time All Star, had career batting average of .292 with 351 Home Runs and an OPS+ of 156. Allen also was the 1964 National League Rookie of the Year and the 1972 American League Most Valuable Player. Santo also had 1,811 more At Bats than Dick Allen. Dick Allen was credited with saving the White Sox franchise from relocating. When Allen arrived in Chicago attendance almost doubled. The Santo comparison clearly shows that Allen had better numbers than Santo. But this was just a one on one comparison. Now lets move on to the more complex statistics that voters use as a gauge for a players entrance into the Hall Of Fame. This statistic was brought up by Bill James, the baseball stat guru who doesn’t believe Dick Allen is a Hall of Famer because of his off the field issues, but James admitted with this statistic that Allen probably should be in the Hall of Fame. James compares two different era’s, the first from 1975 to 1984. That is a 10 year playing span. That era was also considered the live ball era. To be included on this list a player must have played at least 1,000 games. The leading OPS+ player during that time frame was Mike Schmidt with a 155 OPS+. Second on the list was George Brett with 145, followed by Eddie Murray 143 and Dave Winfield with 140. Others on the list include Reggie Jackson with 135 and Jim Rice at 134. Now James takes us 10 years back. He starts from 1964 through 1973 and also uses the same criteria as the other era. The 64-73 time frame was considered a dead ball era. The Pitchers mound was 15 inches high to give the pitcher a big advantage over the hitter. Finally in 1969 or ’70 the mound was lowered to 10 inches. Here’s where Mr. Allen hits his longest home run. His OPS+ of 165 led ALL OF MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL ! James states that Allen was ahead of 17 Hall of Famers. Here are a few and their numbers. Hank Aaron, Willie McCovey and Frank Robinson all numbered at 161. Next in line was Harmon Killebrew and Willie Stargell both with 152. At 151 was Roberto Clemente’, Willie Mays-148, Carl Yastrzemski-145, Billy Williams 139 and Ron Santo at 136. So as you can see, Allen had a higher number than Mike Schmidt 165 vs. 155, in an era where pitching dominated.
I didn’t even get into the other racial issues that Allen had to go through, we will save that for another day. There are many other stats out there, but the fact that Bill James would reveal such a stat in support of Dick Allen proves to me that Richard Anthony “Dick” Allen is a True Hall of Famer.

Co-Host on WCHE Radio 1520 West Chester

On July 10th I was proud to be a guest co-host with Bill Werndl on WCHE Radio in West Chester. If you you like to listen to the show just click on the Sports Chatter link. I was on the air for one hour. At the 15 minute mark former University of Delaware football caoch KC Keeler was a guest for 15 minutes. After his interview it is just Billy and myself talking baseball. Bill was a former TV producer at both channel 6 and 10 in Phila before moving out to San Diego to host a radio show for a number of years. Bill is now back in the area and is know as “The Icon”.

Radio Interview

On Tuesday May 8th I was a guest on WCHE radio in West Chester. The host of the show called ‘Sports Chatter” is former channel 6 and channel 10 TV Sports Producer Bill Werndl. Bill later mover on to San Diego and was part of a Sports Talk Show called “Loose Cannon’s” which was the number one rated sports talk show in the country. The Delaware County native has recently moved back to the area and is finishing out his career in the area. If you would like to hear the interview just click on the right side of the page where it says Bill Werndl Interview. Also, while I was on the show I mentioned that my book “Hardball and Hardship” could be purchased through this site. However there was a problem at the time which has since been rectified and the book can now be purchased by just clicking on to the book also on the right hand side of the page. Don’t forget Father’s Day is coming up and the book is an affordable gift. Thanks Frog

Bring Back Iverson

The Sixers can’t seem to figure out who should get the ball at crunch time. Doug Collins blames himself for the teams inability to score at the end of close games. Maybe he is right. Total confusion that looks and is real ugly to watch. Collins can motivate and throw all them statistics at you as good as anyone. But he can’t draw up a play when it’s needed the most. Perhaps the Sixers should bring back Allen Iverson. There would be know doubt, give him the ball and let the play develop. Shoot, pass when double teamed or draw the foul. He would be well rested since he would be needed only at crunch time… ha

Wilt Chamberlain

Just wanted to acknowledge the recent anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point night in Hershey,Pa in 1962. Wilton Norman Chamberlain the GREATEST BASKETBALL PLAYER OF ALL TIME !!!

I Can’t Believe My Baseball Ears !

I know that I haven’t posted anything for quite some time, but what I’ve been hearing from some so called baseball experts has really set me off. First it was pitch count which I am totally against and now it’s this ridiculous phrase, ” He’s not pitching to contact” in other words the batter isn’t putting the ball in play enough. Why isn’t he putting the ball in play ? Well because the pitcher is striking him out. Isn’t that the objective of the pitcher. It sure as hell was when I was playing. The more the batter puts the ball in play the higher percentage he will have of getting on base. Isn’t the pitcher supposed to keep the opposing team off the base? The best way of doing that is striking the batter out. However in the world of baseball we live in today everyone wants to save the pitchers arm. But saying it is a “BAD THING” to strike a batter out is totally ludicrous. Yes that’s what they’re saying about Cliff Lee 107 K’s, the National League leader and right behind with 106 Roy Halliday.
Maybe there’s some kind of conspiracy behind this. The numbers are down across the board in all offensive categories so let’s just let the batter hit the ball. Why not just tell him what’s coming ? Maybe they can throw the ball underhand. How about lowering the mound again. Ah what the heck, just pitch off a flat surface. Do you have any suggestions? Let me know what you think.

Take Away Title’s

Wow ! What if Major League Baseball did what the NCAA does to the school’s that use players who have done something illegal. Take away all their teams wins and championship’s or title’s. Could you imagine MLB commissioner Bud Selig holding a news conference and making an announcement that he was taking away a World Series Crown from The New York Yankees. That’s right baby.. Forfeit everything. You Lose, you or one of your players cheated. You had an unfair advantage. You didn’t play by the rules. Do something at a level such as that and then none of those steroid Home Run Bombers would ever gain consideration for Baseball’s Hall of Fame. That’s what is needed to be done to really understand the severity of the problem.

Vick Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere !

In spite of Michael Vick’s recent episode down south don’t look for the Eagle QB to be released by the team. The Philly football squad re-signed this athlete for a reason… Any Reid is intrigued by this guy… With Donovan McNabb out of the picture Reid does not have to worry about hurting old number 5’s feelings. If you paid attention, last year Vick participated in about 10 percent of the offensive plays when McNabb was the starter. However, when Kevin Kolb was at the helm that number increased to almost 20 percent. Look forward to seeing more of Michael Vick at the QB position. Reid, who has a tremendous ego, when it comes to offense, will look to utilize Vick, not only for the Wildcat but also to run Reid’s version of the West Coast offense. Reid believes he has that athletic mobile quarterback who is capable of throwing the short pass and taking off and running when it is needed. Michael Vick missed two years of football and as a result was not up to NFL playing shape. A source has told me that Vick has improved his time running the 40 over the last year and Reid will attempt to profit on that by giving the so called; “Bad Boy of Football” more time on the field. Now if Kolb becomes a little shaky expect to see Vick as the starting Quarterback.


First of all I would like to thank everyone who has purchased my book “HARDBALL & HARDSHIP”. I”d especially like to acknowledge all of the individuals for their very kind and positive comments and reviews in reference to the book. Who would have thought that a neighborhood kid from Southwest Philly would be capable of such an endeavor. Once again my sincere thanks to everyone and pass the word that the book is still for sale. ..Now moving on. … I’m sure everyone is sick and tired of the snow that has blanketed our area for the past several weeks. I’ll bet you’re also tired of the thousands of weather reports and live “On Location” shots from across the Tri-State area detailing the conditions at various sites. Also, I know you are overwhelmed with all the sophisticated language and statistics that are used by the Weather People. Who cares ? Just give the damn report, which is usually wrong anyway, and move on to the news and sports. Noooo.. They pre-empt programming and continue on for HOURS with their boring coverage. A very long time ago I was in Florida watching the news and the first 15 minutes was dedicated to the weather. This was an everyday thing. I said to a friend of mine, ” If this amount of time is ever spent on the weather up in Philly, I’ll never watch the news again.” Well, what do you know? It sure has hell happened. It’s not just during a storm of some sort, but it’s every night regardless of the severity. I’ll venture to say that the Weather Person on any local television station is ON THE AIR more than the lead anchor person. In other words, the face of the weather person is shown more than the anchor. It’s just crazy, isn’t it ? … Man the Philly news boys are all over Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay. Pretty soon there may be a TV channel dedicated just to him. Can you say the “Halladay Channel “. First though they are working on a “TIGER” network. It just doesn’t stop….. Hopefully the Phillies didn’t make a mistake when they opted not to sign their former third baseman Pedro Feliz. That man can flat out play third base. In fact he’s the best that our hometown squad has seen around here since Scott Rolen. Maybe since Mike Schmidt. The Phillies brass are banking on Placido Polanco to fill that void. I’m sure they know that Polanco won’t field as well as Feliz but are hoping that his bat will make up for his defensive liabilities. There’s one more factor that should be thrown in to the equation. Not only did Feliz make most of the fielding plays, but his throws to first base were right on the money. I know he made Ryan Howard’s job much easier at first base with his accurate tosses. Mister Howard may have to move a little bit more to retreat Polanco’s throws to save the new third bagger some errors. … Don’t forget, comments are always welcome.