Iconic Steve Lennox and His Interboro Bucs Stun Ridley on Thanksgiving, 28-21

lennox (1)

Steve Lennox with the Paul Merion Memorial Trophy.

Just about everyone who is in the Delaware County football loop figured the Ridley Green Raiders would just have to show up to come out victorious over their Thanksgiving Day rival Interboro.

After all who could blame them?  Interboro started the season 0-9 and won their first game on the last day of the regular season with a victory over Chi-Chester.  They lost games to the tune of 42-17, 78- 47, 48-7, 57-8 and 60-13. Ouch !

Bucs Head Coach  Steve Lennox was about to face Ridley for the 24th time. His record against his holiday opponent was 12-11, with most of the experts believing it would soon be even at 12.

Maybe it was the rumor that was swirling around the Raiders home field that this would be Lennox’s last game and that he would announce his retirement after the game which motivated his players. Lennox, who was mobbed by players, former players, family, friends, and students after the game said “I’ve been doing this a long time. I started out in Delaware and have spent 27 years here at Interboro.  It took me a little longer to get from the locker room to the field as I had to navigate those steps.

“I can’t throw the rock anymore in practice because of my shoulder and coaching does take its toll,” he continued. “I have had many great moments and memories that will last forever, but this win today may be my best win ever. ”

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