2019 Coaches All Inter-Ac Football Team

Congratulations To Episcopal Academy’s Marcus McDaniel for being name the 2019 Inter-Academic Leagues MVP !!

In a rather unusual twist the Coaches All Inter-Ac team is not picked by position and finally congratulations to those named to the squad.

First Team

Episcopal Academy: Marcus McDaniel , Matt Bush, Malcolm Folk,  James Hoogstraten , Paul McLaughlin and  Max Strid.

Germantown Academy: Jeff Decker, Jerry Griffen- Blatcher, Hans Lillis and Jordan Longino.

Haverford School: Mike Barr, Chris Clark, Daiyaan Hawkins, Ben Murphy and Pat Toal.

Malvern Prep: Cole Deery, Caimin Hayes, Will Redden and Lonnie White.

Penn Charter: Kyle Jones, Aaron Maione, Matthew Marshall, Ty Needham and Ryan Wreath.

School Side Chestnut Hill: Aaron Rascoe and Ke’Shawn Williams.

Second Team

Episcopal Academy: Billy Adams and Dom Minicozi.

Germantown Academy: Lacey Snowden, Nick Niemynski and Shane Harkins.

Haverford School: Mekhi Ajose-Williamson, Mike Gavin, Kwaku Adubofour, Matt McKenna, Jake Spencer, Geordy Holmes  and Bill Brosko.

Malvern Prep: Steven Rose, Christian Curatolo, Brendan Flynn, Isaac White and Cade Szostek.

Penn Charter: Chandler Turner, Dean Bergmann and Akeel Blake.

School Side Chestnut Hill: Ivan Thorpe, Nick Shragher and Luke Perry.



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