Springfield’s Strong Second Half Leads To 34-6 Win Over Palumbo Academy

Cam Dennis

Springfield’s Cam Dennis

Springfield High School from Montgomery County, PA runs a play called the Fly Sweep. Unlike most Jet or Rocket Sweeps, the Fly Sweep is a forward pitch. If the pitch is dropped, it’s an incomplete pass and not a fumble.

The Spartans coaching staff mentioned this to me on numerous occasions.  No need to mention it fellas…this old guy has been around for years. Smile!

The primary recipient of the pass is Junior WR Cam Dennis. The QB who fills the stat sheet along with Dennis is Junior Gabe Franzyk. Springfield ran the play for Dennis 11 times for 94 yards.  Along with his 11  pitches to Dennis, Franzyk completed 12 other balls for 129 yards and finished the game completing 23 of 27 passes for 223 yards.

Dennis says: “Anyone can run the play, but I am happy to be the chosen one and I’m grateful for it.”

Well, that’s being a bit modest since it takes hours of practice to execute the pitch perfectly and also the receiver must be able to take the toss and turn the corner and get up the field.

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