Juvenile Diabetes Has Not Stopped Ryan Haines


Ryan Haines plays football at a high level while living with diabetes.

Ryan Haines, a 6-foot, 4-inch, 260-pound offensive tackle from for Salesianum High School in Wilmington, Delaware, tries to stay positive every day of his life. Earlier in his youth, Ryan was playing baseball with his friends and for some reason he said, he didn’t feel right.

His parents, Tim and Nancy Haines, scheduled him a doctor’s appointment almost immediately. What they found out was that Ryan was one of just 200,000 kids under the age of 20 diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. One million people over the age of 20 also have the same disease, which is described as type One Diabetes  The disease prevents the pancreas from producing insulin needed to live a normal life and, as a result, Ryan must monitor his blood-sugar level on a daily basis. As of now there is no cure. His parents, family, and friends often participate in Juvenile Diabetes Walks of Fund Raisers.

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