When my wife and I go to a Sports Bar to watch the Eagles on a Sunday afternoon she usually wears something green or a shirt that will read EAGLES or both. To her at times the game is pretty simple. When she sees the Eagles Quarterback get sacked she always says the same thing. “It’s not his fault, it’s those people,” and then she will pause with a question, “What do you call those guys who are supposed to help him?” I respond by saying, “you mean the lineman” and she says, “Yes they aren’t doing their job”. OK I can’t argue with here there. Then there are Saturday afternoons when I have the TV on watching College football and she is paying half attention while reading a book. She will glance at the TV and notice the scores as they pop up on the screen. Scores like 66-7, 74-14 or 58-0. Almost immediately she will shout the same words, “That’s Ridiculous” or “That’s Embarrassing”. Staying with the same theme a similar scenario usually takes place on a Friday. It begins when I leave to watch or cover a High School football game. As I walk down the steps to exit my house I will try and predict the score. About three fourths of the time when I leave my house the scores I predict are usually of the blowout variety, 48-6, 35-0 or 58-14. Then when I return home she will ask what the score was and when I tell her 56-0 or 48-7 again her signature comment; “That’s Ridiculous” comes firing out of her mouth and sometimes she will add, “I feel sorry for the losing team.” Of course so do I as do thousands or millions of others across the country who are subject to similar mismatched football games.
About a week ago I was listening to a Sports Talk Radio Show. A caller was discussing the Golden State Warriors adding Kevin Durant to their plethora of talented players. “The Golden State Warriors are loaded with Superstar talent”, the caller said, he continued with this phrase and eye catching word. “If the Golden State Warriors win the NBA Championship I will declare their title as ILLEGIMATE”. You know what, unfortunately that’s exactly how I feel about some of the High School Football and Basketball programs not only in our area but again all across the country. I would compare the league or conference titles some of these teams win with conference titles won by NCAA Woman’s Division One Basketball programs. The same institutions every year generally compete for the National Title. Connecticut, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Baylor, South Carolina and Stanford. True an occasional dark horse will sneak in there, but not very often.
I know recruiting players is the biggest problem. Some do and some don’t. Perhaps if you recruit you should play in another conference, league or just play independently. I also know that looking at the recent top 25 rankings of Southeastern PA, football teams that only the top 10 have a realistic chance of winning a State Title. The rest may not even win a District Title or a first round game.
Please tell me what kind of enjoyment you get by whopping your opponents butt. Also tell me, why in the hell is your first team on the field in the fourth quarter of a 40-0 game. Don’t tell me it doesn’t happen. I and an individual who shall remain nameless have counted the actual number of starters on the field with a games being played under the Mercy Rule. I have also witnessed referee’s throw bogus penalty flags against some of these teams for the sake of keeping down or when way too often teams throw a pass up by 40 points. I hear the nonsense. “Well, we are running our normal offense”. I know the game has changed with passing being an integral part of the offense, but hand the damn ball off and put your subs in the game. It’s gotten so out of hand that when teams line up in a Victory Formation, they still do it with the quarterback in the shotgun position. I have seen this in a one score game. If there’s a bad snap or fumble the other team is off to the races for six points.
So like that talk show caller, I will officially declare any title won by some of these so called powerhouses “ILLEGIMATE”