Reynolds should be a Target for the Heisman !

Navy Quarterback Keenan Reynolds recently broke the All Time NCAA Career Rushing TD record of 77, held by Monte Ball, when he scored 4  against SMU a few weeks ago.  This record started getting some legs last year when it was apparent that Reynolds, if healthy would indeed break it. It has been mentioned in every type of media outlet all over the country.  Reynolds isn’t being viewed  as a legitimate candidate for the Heisman Trophy but he really should be and here’s why. Recently I sat down and did a little homework and came up with some staggering numbers. We are all aware of the triple or read option offense that is run by the Midshipman. What is tremendously overlooked in my opinion, is that Reynolds is a target on every offensive play that he is on the field. When Reynolds decides to keep the ball, obviously he is hit several times before he is tackled. He is also a target when he drops back to pass, although passing is not the way Navy chooses to march down the field.  Reynolds holding  the ball until the last second before either handing it off or pitching it out he is again a target and is hit with or without the ball. Keenan Reynolds has played four years of college football and if Navy goes on to play 13 games this year he will have played 50 games in his NCAA career. After doing extensive research and averaging out a few numbers I would hope those in the media would take a serious look at Reynolds arithmetic . At the conclusion of this season, Navy will have averaged 900 offensive plays per season. Multiply that by four and you see what I am getting at. Three Thousand Six Hundred offensive plays that Keenan Reynolds was a target. He was the main target on 975 rushes and 455 pass attempts which adds up to 1,430 plays. Ouch. However, that is not the end. You see Navy ran the ball an additional 2,170 times and the main distributor of the pigskin was Keenan Reynolds. I am sure he was hit thousands of times on those handoffs. So you want to talk tough. Talk, Keenan Reynolds. Give him his just due. He may not have the sexy numbers of Alabama’s Derrick Henry or Ohio Sates Ezekiel Elliott and a few others. What he does have though is a heart as big as the country he will serve after his football career. Navy  is currently ranked 23rd in the country according the  latest College Football Rankings and Reynolds is the main ingredient towards that number. Reynolds has been named the American Athletic Conferences Player Of The Year. He also is a finalist for the Manning Award, which is named after Archie, Peyton and Eli Manning.  With two more games to play, against Army and then the Military Bowl in Annapolis  Reynolds so far in his career has rushed 932 times for 4,279 yards for a 4.6 yards per carry average. 83 of those totes were for Touchdowns.  Just for fun he has passed 431 times while completing 227 for 3,762 yards and 29 Touchdowns for a rating of 144.5.  Keenan Reynolds deserves an invite to New York as a legitimate candidate for the Heisman. As of now Reynolds is on the outside looking in. To leave him stranded on an island would be a grave injustice to a man whose name now is mentioned along with Navy’s other Heisman Trophy QB winner Roger Staubach .