I Can’t Believe My Baseball Ears !

I know that I haven’t posted anything for quite some time, but what I’ve been hearing from some so called baseball experts has really set me off. First it was pitch count which I am totally against and now it’s this ridiculous phrase, ” He’s not pitching to contact” in other words the batter isn’t putting the ball in play enough. Why isn’t he putting the ball in play ? Well because the pitcher is striking him out. Isn’t that the objective of the pitcher. It sure as hell was when I was playing. The more the batter puts the ball in play the higher percentage he will have of getting on base. Isn’t the pitcher supposed to keep the opposing team off the base? The best way of doing that is striking the batter out. However in the world of baseball we live in today everyone wants to save the pitchers arm. But saying it is a “BAD THING” to strike a batter out is totally ludicrous. Yes that’s what they’re saying about Cliff Lee 107 K’s, the National League leader and right behind with 106 Roy Halliday.
Maybe there’s some kind of conspiracy behind this. The numbers are down across the board in all offensive categories so let’s just let the batter hit the ball. Why not just tell him what’s coming ? Maybe they can throw the ball underhand. How about lowering the mound again. Ah what the heck, just pitch off a flat surface. Do you have any suggestions? Let me know what you think.