Vick Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere !

In spite of Michael Vick’s recent episode down south don’t look for the Eagle QB to be released by the team. The Philly football squad re-signed this athlete for a reason… Any Reid is intrigued by this guy… With Donovan McNabb out of the picture Reid does not have to worry about hurting old number 5’s feelings. If you paid attention, last year Vick participated in about 10 percent of the offensive plays when McNabb was the starter. However, when Kevin Kolb was at the helm that number increased to almost 20 percent. Look forward to seeing more of Michael Vick at the QB position. Reid, who has a tremendous ego, when it comes to offense, will look to utilize Vick, not only for the Wildcat but also to run Reid’s version of the West Coast offense. Reid believes he has that athletic mobile quarterback who is capable of throwing the short pass and taking off and running when it is needed. Michael Vick missed two years of football and as a result was not up to NFL playing shape. A source has told me that Vick has improved his time running the 40 over the last year and Reid will attempt to profit on that by giving the so called; “Bad Boy of Football” more time on the field. Now if Kolb becomes a little shaky expect to see Vick as the starting Quarterback.