First of all I would like to thank everyone who has purchased my book “HARDBALL & HARDSHIP”. I”d especially like to acknowledge all of the individuals for their very kind and positive comments and reviews in reference to the book. Who would have thought that a neighborhood kid from Southwest Philly would be capable of such an endeavor. Once again my sincere thanks to everyone and pass the word that the book is still for sale. ..Now moving on. … I’m sure everyone is sick and tired of the snow that has blanketed our area for the past several weeks. I’ll bet you’re also tired of the thousands of weather reports and live “On Location” shots from across the Tri-State area detailing the conditions at various sites. Also, I know you are overwhelmed with all the sophisticated language and statistics that are used by the Weather People. Who cares ? Just give the damn report, which is usually wrong anyway, and move on to the news and sports. Noooo.. They pre-empt programming and continue on for HOURS with their boring coverage. A very long time ago I was in Florida watching the news and the first 15 minutes was dedicated to the weather. This was an everyday thing. I said to a friend of mine, ” If this amount of time is ever spent on the weather up in Philly, I’ll never watch the news again.” Well, what do you know? It sure has hell happened. It’s not just during a storm of some sort, but it’s every night regardless of the severity. I’ll venture to say that the Weather Person on any local television station is ON THE AIR more than the lead anchor person. In other words, the face of the weather person is shown more than the anchor. It’s just crazy, isn’t it ? … Man the Philly news boys are all over Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay. Pretty soon there may be a TV channel dedicated just to him. Can you say the “Halladay Channel “. First though they are working on a “TIGER” network. It just doesn’t stop….. Hopefully the Phillies didn’t make a mistake when they opted not to sign their former third baseman Pedro Feliz. That man can flat out play third base. In fact he’s the best that our hometown squad has seen around here since Scott Rolen. Maybe since Mike Schmidt. The Phillies brass are banking on Placido Polanco to fill that void. I’m sure they know that Polanco won’t field as well as Feliz but are hoping that his bat will make up for his defensive liabilities. There’s one more factor that should be thrown in to the equation. Not only did Feliz make most of the fielding plays, but his throws to first base were right on the money. I know he made Ryan Howard’s job much easier at first base with his accurate tosses. Mister Howard may have to move a little bit more to retreat Polanco’s throws to save the new third bagger some errors. … Don’t forget, comments are always welcome.

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