“Hardball & Hardship” Available by Mail and PayPal

You can order a copy of my new book, “Hardball & Hardship” by clicking on the PayPal button to the right, under the picture of the front cover. You don’t need a PayPal account to use the service.

If you prefer, you can send a check for $22.95 ($18.95 purchase price, plus $4 shipping and handling) to:

Mark Carfagno
2732 Plover Street
Philadelphia, PA 19153

Please make the check payable to: Katherine Carfagno

Also, after you have read the book, please feel free to leave a comment so that they can be documented for future reference. Thanks.

2 Responses to “Hardball & Hardship” Available by Mail and PayPal

  1. Bill "mack" McMackin says:

    Started reading your book when I returned from “Burrs” and finished it the next day (Mon.). It was great reading about people that I am familiar with. Your inside stories were interesting and your tributes to Rich, Tom, and others were heartfelt.

    I hope you continue to share your stories and introduce others to the one of a kind group of characters that made up that unique swouthwest Phila neighborhood.

  2. Mary Marker Giove says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It read as if you were sitting beside Frog at a bar and he was telling you one story after another. It was fun going down memory lane reading about people and places you knew back in the day. And although I’m not a baseball fan, the stories Frog put in the book were fun to read. If you want to kick back and take a walk down Memory Lane, I highly recommend “Hardball & Hardship”, great book written written by a great guy!

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