THE “Bank” Takes The Loud Out Of The Crowd

The World Series is finally over and congratulations to the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies. I attended several post season games and the fans were really into the games.

Yes, it was loud inside Citizen’s Bank Park, but not as loud as when the team played across the driveway at Veteran’s Stadium. That, my friends was loud, real loud. You could not hear yourself think, yet alone talk to the person next to you. It was very intimidating for the opposition.

The stadium appeared to shake. What causes such a thing like this to happen? How about total enclosure of the stadium. The circular cookie cutter stadium with no place for the noise to exit. No open air spaces as is the case with the Bank’s center field area.

The same thing holds true for Lincoln Financial Field. When the Eagles played at the Vet, the visiting teams wanted no part of it. In addition to the shape of the stadium, the so-called dreaded Astroturf was a huge factor and was always in the minds of the opposition. It was a big psychological
advantage for the Eagles. If the Birds want a real home field advantage, they better find a way to completely close up the two end zone portions of the stadium.

Yes, I realize that Chase Utley was probably feeling no pain when he stepped up to the podium after the parade and used the infamous “F” word. I’ll even give him the benefit that he was caught up in the moment and couldn’t control himself, whether he had alcohol in his system or not. Plus it was obviously in reference to what had transpired at the 2008 All Star Game in New York.

The thing that bothers me is that there was no apology by Utley or even a statement by the Phillies organization. Maybe the Phillies haven’t noticed, but there are more Chase Utley jerseys worn by young kids than any other player on the Phillies. Chase is an infielder. Most Little Leaguers or the ones that are talented usually play the infield and as a result want to wear the shirt of their professional teams star infielder.

Once again shame on Chase and the Phillies for no apologys. I guess it’s OK to throw around “F” bombs when an enterprise is run by a group University of Pennsylvania graduates that could care less about “Real Little People.”