Ahhh, WIP radio host Angelo Cataldi is upset because Bill Conlin of the Daily News and Comcast Sports Net’s Daily News Live was suspended from the later for disparaging comments that he made.

If you didn’t know, last week the subject of Donovan McNabb’s tendonitis was brought to the table. A viewer emailed a comment about the media blowing everything out of proportion, stating that it was just a case of tendonitis. Mr Conlin responded by ripping the mailer’s ethnic background, resulting in his suspension. Cataldi thought the week’s suspension was too much.

Actually he thought that Conlin shoudn’t have been suspended at all. Why? What’s Cataldi doing? Defending one of his bobo’s that “Double Dip,” working for both the print and electronic media? Why in the hell do most talk show hosts have to come from the print media? What about the college kids who have a degree in radio? I guess they know more than the trained people. After all, if you listen to Mike “I Played College Baseball… therefore I am an expert on everything” Missanelli ,you would think that he is God’s gift to sports talk radio.

Hey Mike, where are you going to be working next? It’s hard to keep track of you, therefore I will not acknowedge your work place. It’s a damn shame I even mentioned your name.

Hey, ain’t this great. I can rip people just like they do. Oops.. I got one of their own. I guess they’ll be PO’d……

Tim Donaghy, Steve Javie, Ed Malloy, Tom Washington, Mark Wunderlich and Mike Callahan. What do they all have in common, besides officiating in the NBA ? They all were and are from the Philadelphia metropolitan area. They also entered the league at a young age. What’s the connection besides all living close to one another? How about they all followed in the footsteps of another Philly guy, Joey Crawford?

Being that Crawford was looked at as one of the top officials in the league, my guess is that the NBA pushed for more Philadelphia refs. These guys get a taste of “Life in the Fast Lane” too quick. Unfortunatly, Tim Donaghy will be paying a lot for his speeding ticket. I recall watching Ed Malloy blowing his whistle at West Catholic High School one year and the next year I almost chocked on my popcorn when I saw him at the Wachovia Center officiating the Sixers game……

Chase Utley. Although this looks like a good time to pick on Utley since he is 0 for his last 20 at bats, I was going to mention this anyway. After seeing Utley hit home runs in five consecutive games, which puts him in a unique category, I said to myself: how in the hell does he do it ?

Yes, he has quick hands, but so do plenty of other hitters. The thing that baffles me about Utley and his home runs is this. Most home run hitters will follow through on their swings. In baseball lingo that’s called “Swinging Through The Zone.” If you watch Utley, it appears that his hands stop when the barrell of the bat meets the ball, yet the ball goes over the fence. HOW ????

I’ll finish with a quote that former major league player Larry Walker made a few years back. Small ballparks, bad pitching and juiced up baseballs has turned our National Pastime into nothing more than “Glorified Whiffleball.” Hey, can anyone find my Whitey Ford ball?

There’s one more thing I will say about Utley, but unfortunately, I can’t say it until a book I am currently working on is published. What will be revealed will SHOCK YOU !!!! No, it’s not steroids.

For those of you who can’t get enough of Tiger Woods, Spokesman Tom Casey of Fox Sports Network has announced that the network soon will debut the TIGER CHANNEL. Twenty Four hours of Tiger. Grrrrrrrreeeeeeaaaaattttt !!!!!!

One Response to FROG’S THOUGHTS

  1. ND Harvey says:

    I totally agree with you about print media becoming radio sports host, give me a break, they don’t know S**t, Mike Misanelli, Angelo Cataldi, Glenn Macnow all came from the Philly Inquirer and they don’t have a clue. Two people on Philly sports radio who I have respect for and are very knowledgable, Jody Mac, (the best) on ESPN 950 and WIP Rob Ellis, and guess what, neither one ever worked in the print media.
    Keep up the good work and by the way, 79 days til ND Football
    Go IRISH!!!!

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