Sixers Blew It In Not Recognizing Iverson’s Return

Allen Iverson

Shame on the Sixers organization — and also the Wachovia Center — for downplaying Allen Iverson’s return to Philly.

The doors didn’t open until 6 p.m., their usual opening time, but for a game of this magnitude and thousands of fans outside the arena 45 minutes earlier, standing in the rain, an exception should have been made. There was also no pre-game video tribute for the most electrifying player in any sport in the history of Philadelphia.

To have Iverson announced first was another slap in the face towards the player and the fans. It was obvious that PA announcer Matt Cord was given instructions to announce the next player after one minute. The crowd was still roaring and booed when Cord proceeded to the next player.

No signs showing support for Iverson were shown on the arena screen. A sellout crowd was on hand to pay tribute to the “Little Man” but the Sixers’ idea of a tribute was to ignore the fact that Iverson played every minute, while wearing the Sixer uniform, in typical blue collar fashion, throwing his body around like there was no tomorrow and playing every game like it was his last.

Allen outclassed his former organization when he kissed the Sixer center-court logo and made sure that he acknowledged the fans in every part of the building during his introduction. The Sixers may have won the game but lost the respect of this Philadelphia basketball fan for more than 50 years.

4 Responses to Sixers Blew It In Not Recognizing Iverson’s Return

  1. sixersfan4life says:

    your looking at this all wrong. Iverson plays for ANOTHER team I don’t care who he is the sixers are in a playoff race here you don’t put that all away like that just cause Allen Iverson comes back. That’s not right to the players that are here playing for this team now especially Andre Miller who I’m not saying is a better player then Allen Iverson better point guard yes better team player yes. I was at the game and yeah it was nice he came out kissed the logo and all the fans were there wearing their Iverson (sixers or nuggets) jerseys, but I was there to watch the sixers win not watch Allen Iverson videos and pay tribute to him the whole game he got his momment. And believe me I would say close to the end of the 3rd or maybe the beginning of the 4th all them cheers turned into boos Iverson even said it during his press conference. So to me the organization didn’t slap anyone in the face because the “little man” wanted out of here to begin with.

  2. This was more than a game, it was an EVENT. We are talking about one the the GREATEST SIXER PLAYERS OF ALL TIME . I too was at the game and was sitting next to a gentlemen who took his grandson to the game. He wanted his grandson to remember the night for the rest of his life. He too was disappointed on how the the night was handled. If Pat Croce and his former PR Director, Dave Coskey were still around,they would have treated the night differently. Which would have been to acknowledge the greatness of the player.

  3. Captain Jim Di Falco says:

    Frog job well done thank you Froge this book made me cry …. Great Job

  4. Matt Weiss says:

    I know this comment is well over a year old, but Frog, c’mon. AI was great and I don’t want to take anything away from him, but Wilt Chamberlain played for the 76ers. How can anyone else be called the greatest Sixers player ever when the Dipper is perennially in the conversation about who the greatest NBA player of all time was?

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