Kudo’s To ESPN’S Dana Jacobson For Her Notre Dame Comments

Dana Jacobson the co-host of ESPN’S First Take, was suspended for her comments about Notre Dame at a Roast in Atlantic City for ex ND player Mike Golic.

So what she threw out some expletives towards Touchdown Jesus and coach Charlie Weiss. First of all, TD Jesus is name given to the Statue years ago by the Notre Dame people. They are the people that should have been reprimanded years ago for incorporating a religious staue and mocking it because of Christs’ hands being held up high.

Dana, like all other Notre Dame hater’s tend to get tired of hearing the same old propoganda from the Notre Dame people. As far as Charlie Weiss, it seems to me she took it easy on him. If anyone happened to watch 60 Minutes when they did a feature on him a few months back, they  should have been extremely upset at the language being used by coach Weiss.  What a disgrace for a Catholic University to be represented by Man who’s every other word had to be bleeped out on National TV.


Hey Dana, get back real soon !!!

7 Responses to Kudo’s To ESPN’S Dana Jacobson For Her Notre Dame Comments

  1. Yo CUZ…
    Right on ! You hit a home run here…way “OUTTA HERE”…
    That FAT SLOB, brings back memories of Gerry Faust and Joe Kuharic!
    And don’t forget that held his “alma mater” hostage, almost jumping back to the NFL, and “Our Lady of Perpetual Fourth Down” had to redo his contact adding more years and more cannoli’s to FATSO’s contract!

    One more 3-9 year and no bowl game, and the subway alums will buy out Fat Jack once and for all!! You are right..GOOOO NAVY !! GO Michigan !
    GO Purdue !!! Go DANA !!

  2. Pumpy Tudors says:


    Team ranking and player status as of Monday, Jan. 28, 12 p.m. CST

    Team rankings top 25
    1. Notre Dame
    Total commits: 22 Hats off to Charlie Weis and the Fighting Irish coaching staff. With all the struggles on the field this season, it would have been difficult to not have some struggles in the recruiting wars, but that didn’t happen. This Irish class is loaded with prime time players, even though it’ll likely lose its grip on the top spot.

  3. frog says:

    Who or what is Touchdown Jesus ? It is a Statue
    of Jesus Christ,that was given the name by Notre Dame people, to add to their myth . That is what is called a SACRILEGE. Shame on you.

  4. ND Harvey says:

    This past Weds. was a great day for the IRISH, 23 committments for C. Weis and the “Boys of South Bend”. No doubt about it the 2007 season was a tough one but guess what, that is history…….How bout the job Mike Brey is doing in “God’s Country”, a bid W yesterday against Marquette, and don’t forget the W @ the Wachovia Center against Nova…34 straight Wins @ JACC, ND is more than a Football Factory……..Go IRISH!!!!!!

  5. Notre Dame Patrick says:

    How dare you bleep the Fighting Irish? Bleep South Philly , you little Italian scallion! Go Irish, stomp CHristopher Columbus!!

  6. frog says:

    Whoa, Hold on. I didn’t rip St. Patrick. By the way, I’m not from South Philly. One more thing. How are the “BEER OLYMPICS” coming along.

  7. hi
    good luck

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