DICK ALLEN: Now’s The Time For a Major Push

For those of you who watched Comcast “ Monday Night Live” on the 14th, Philadelphia’s new mayor Michael Nutter was a guest. When Mr Nutter was asked who his favorite Philadelphia athlete of all time was he answered, “Dick Allen”. 

Dick Allen deserves to be in Baseball’s Hall of Fame. As of now Dick will be on the Veteran’s Committee ballot as he has been for the past several years. The Veteran’s Committee votes every two years in their pursuit of the next Hall of Famer. Unfortunately Dick has come up short when the ballot’s are totaled up.  This to me is a complete injustice.

What Mr Allen had to go through while playing ball as a young African American in the early 1960’s was a disgrace. He was the first black ballplayer to ever play in Little Rock, Arkansas. The names he was called, the abuse he took, the vandalism to his car and apartment made it almost impossible for him to live,yet alone play a game of baseball.

When he finally made it to the Major League’s in Philadelphia, he may as well wore a target on his Back.  The city was going through a tough racial intense time. While riding the 33 Bus to the old Connie Mack Stadium I noticed race riots in the streets, demonstrations by African Americans that resulted into brawls with the  police. The Philadelphia force was led by the controversial Frank Rizzo. Bottles, rocks and many other objects were tossed at the buses as they rode by Girard College, a High School for under privileged White Males. The Blacks were out in mass. The White’s were on the buses. When the buses eventually made it to 21st and Lehigh Ave. the people needed to vent their frustration.

Who better to vent on than number 15, Richie Allen, as he was called back then. He was booed every game. Some of the names that he was called, well I can’t say it here, but let me say that I heard many expletives. 

After the Frank Thomas infamous incident it got even worse. It really turned into a black vs. white issue and that is a real shame.

What did Dick or Richie do about all of this ? He kept it in his gut. He didn’t say a word. He just played ball. When he went between those white lines no one played the game harder. Of course you know that no one, and I do mean NOOO ONE .. hit a baseball harder or longer than Richard Anthony Allen !!! 

I could go on and on in regards to this very controversial matter, but in closing I would like to ask one simple question and with the help of our Mayor perhaps he will see that Dick will get his just do. How come a pitcher who can throw a baseball 100 mph and has a winning percentage a little over .500 be voted into the Hall of Fame, while a hitter who has the numbers worthy for admission, and has hit some of the longest home runs in the history of baseball in addition to all of the other off field issues, not get voted in. 
The pitcher is rewarded for his power but the hitter is not.



One Response to DICK ALLEN: Now’s The Time For a Major Push

  1. steve ross says:

    top 5 dead or alive greatest ever a mega gigantic talent strongest fasteast greatest from 64 to 74 only mays mantle aaron as great

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