I’d like to take this time to welcome everyone to www.frogcarfagno.com.  This blog will be used for any topic. Feel free to initiate conversation or just add your two cents to a topic. I worked as a Groundskeeper for 33 years for the Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Club. I am currently in the process of writing a book. The book will feature many baseball stories along with other topic’s . Sport’s Talk Radio, Instant Replay and the Mummer’s. It also will entail growing up in a middle class neighborhood in Southwest Philadelphia . Myself and the writer of book, Joe Ferry also from Southwest Philadelphia and a West Catholic High School graduate like myself, are currently looking for a publisher. If  you know of anyone that may be interested in publishing please let us know.   I hope that within the next year   the book is complete and that you will read about the  unique behind the scene stories that took place while I was employed.  Thanks for checking us out and here’s wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year.    Sincerely   Mark “FROG” Carfagno

2 Responses to WELCOME TO MY BLOG

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  2. frog says:

    Hey Patrick, Dana Jacobson speaks the truth.

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