2019 Coaches All Inter-Ac Football Team

Congratulations To Episcopal Academy’s Marcus McDaniel for being name the 2019 Inter-Academic Leagues MVP !!

In a rather unusual twist the Coaches All Inter-Ac team is not picked by position and finally congratulations to those named to the squad.

First Team

Episcopal Academy: Marcus McDaniel , Matt Bush, Malcolm Folk,  James Hoogstraten , Paul McLaughlin and  Max Strid.

Germantown Academy: Jeff Decker, Jerry Griffen- Blatcher, Hans Lillis and Jordan Longino.

Haverford School: Mike Barr, Chris Clark, Daiyaan Hawkins, Ben Murphy and Pat Toal.

Malvern Prep: Cole Deery, Caimin Hayes, Will Redden and Lonnie White.

Penn Charter: Kyle Jones, Aaron Maione, Matthew Marshall, Ty Needham and Ryan Wreath.

School Side Chestnut Hill: Aaron Rascoe and Ke’Shawn Williams.

Second Team

Episcopal Academy: Billy Adams and Dom Minicozi.

Germantown Academy: Lacey Snowden, Nick Niemynski and Shane Harkins.

Haverford School: Mekhi Ajose-Williamson, Mike Gavin, Kwaku Adubofour, Matt McKenna, Jake Spencer, Geordy Holmes  and Bill Brosko.

Malvern Prep: Steven Rose, Christian Curatolo, Brendan Flynn, Isaac White and Cade Szostek.

Penn Charter: Chandler Turner, Dean Bergmann and Akeel Blake.

School Side Chestnut Hill: Ivan Thorpe, Nick Shragher and Luke Perry.



2019 Coaches Philadelphia All Catholic Football Team

Red DivisionFirst Team Offense

Offensive Line .  Center- Owen Coyle Wood,  L- Ryan Wills LaSalle, L- Charley Mininger- Wood, L- Matt McGeary- SJ Prep, L- Casey Stephenson- SJ Prep.

Receivers: Marvin Harrison SJ Prep, Brad Vespe LaSalle, Andrew McHugh Wood Malachi Harris Roman .

QB: Kyle McCord SJ Prep

Running Backs: Kolbe Burrell SJ Prep, Sam Brown LaSalle, Shemar Ellis Roman , Cardel Pigford Wood

Multi-Purpose: Daquan Robinson Roman

Kicker: Antonio Chadha SJ Prep

Punter: Jake Gandolfo LaSalle

Defense – First Team

Defensive Line: Anthony Leneghan SJ Prep, Nick Yagodich SJ prep, Ryan Savage Wood, Malacchi Kea Roman,

Linebackers:  Liam Johnson SJ Prep, Shane Collier Wood, Dillon Trainer LaSalle, Aidan Nash SJ Prep, Abdul Carter LaSalle

Defensive Backs: Jolian Talley SJ Prep, David Watson SJ Prep, Amir Gibson Roman, TJ Meachum LaSalle

Second Team Offense

Offensive Line: Center Max Fisher SJ Prep, L- Kenny O’Kane LaSalle,  L- Dom Alessio Wood, L- Matt Lombardi SJ Prep, L- Luke Duska Roman,

Receivers: Malik Cooper SJ Prep, Sahmir Hagans SJ Prep, Shane McGovern Judge

QB:  Cole Lowe Ryan

Running Backs:  Damier Johnson Judge, Tim Mehlmann LaSalle,

Kicker:  George Karusky Ryan

Punter: Jack Isdell Judge

Defense                                                                                                                                                         Line: Charley Mininger Wood, Dom A’lessio Wood, Mike Waring Judge Blake Romano SJ Prep, Sam Graham LaSalle,

Linebackers:  Anthony Rightley SJ Prep, Tyson Goldstein LaSalle, Kevin Kelley Judge, Tom Pomponi Wood, James Kuneck Roman

Defensive Backs: Ryan DiVergilis Wood, Shane McGovern Judge, Griffin Zobel LaSalle

***  Red Division MVP : Kyle McCord – St. Joe Prep, Coach of the Year: Rick Prete- Roman Catholic

Blue Division – First Team Offense

Offensive Line: Center John Fagley N-G, L- Jack Kelly Lansdale, L- Christian Lott N-G, L-Matt Martin Conwell Egan, L- Tyrone Fowler- McDevitt, L- Jason laFontano Carroll,

Receivers:  Carl Smith West Catholic, Malachi Hansen Carroll, Damien Gabriel N-G, Jimmy Casey Lansdale, Andrew Garwo Conwell Egan.

QB:  Lonnie Rice McDevitt

Running Backs: Khindre Harris Conwell Egan, Tysheem Johnson N-G, Malik Griffin N-G, Danny Dutkiewicz Lansdale,

Multi-Purpose: Joachim McElroy McDevitt

Kicker: Brendan Menges Lansdale

Punter: Brendan Menges Lansdale


Defensive Line: Isaiah Gaddy N-G, Eric Gentry N-G, Joe Kelly O’Hara. Tyrone Fowler McDevitt, Oscar Uduma B-P

Linebackers: Anthony Johnson N-G, Richie Kimmel Carroll, Chris Majors Conwell Egan, Kevin Gianoni Lansdale

Defensive Backs: Andrew Garwo Conwell Egan, Nick Lamey Carroll, Ubayd Steed N-G, Lonnie Rice McDevitt

Second Team Offense:

Offensive Line: Center Kevin Gianoni Lansdale. L- Isaiah Gaddy N-G, L- Dave Atkins West Catholic, Hakim Dodson McDevitt, Mike Evangelista Lansdale

Receivers:  James Welde B-P, Emmanuel Sia McDevitt, Corey Wright-Downing McDevitt

QB : Zaire Hart-Hawkins West Catholic,  Marqui Adams N-G

Running Backs: Mason Peterson B-P, Charles Ingram B-P,

Kicker: Luke Jackson Conwell Egan, Eric Wilson McDevitt

Punter: Luke Jackson Conwell Egan, Nick Lamey Carroll


Defensive Line: Jack Kelly Lansdale, Roman Brown N-G, Eric Gardner McDevitt, Nasim Rhodes-Nelson B-P

Linebackers: Sam Schurr Conwell Egan, Troy Athill West Catholic, Ron Holmes N-G, Derrick Jackson B-P, KJ Henderson McDevitt

Defensive Backs:  Carl Smith West Catholic, Sincere Thomas Conwell Egan, Malachi Hansen Carroll.

*** Blue Division MVP  Danny Dutkiewicz- Lansdale Catholic

Coach of the Year- Albie Crosby –  Neumann-Goretti





Pope John Paul Captures First-Ever District Title

pop john paul

Pope John Paul II gridders after capturing their first-ever district title.

Pope John Paul II quarterback Kamal Gray came into the South Philadelphia Super Site with some sexy offensive numbers.  The senior star had passed for over 2,300 yards with 34 TD’s, completing over 64 percent of his passes while also rushing for over 500 yards.

However, on this Friday night the Neumann-Goretti defense made life miserable for the young man. The Saints, who came into the game with an 11-0 record, blitzed heavily and, as a result, Gray was able to complete just 9 of his 37 passes for 175 yards.

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Springfield’s Strong Second Half Leads To 34-6 Win Over Palumbo Academy

Cam Dennis

Springfield’s Cam Dennis

Springfield High School from Montgomery County, PA runs a play called the Fly Sweep. Unlike most Jet or Rocket Sweeps, the Fly Sweep is a forward pitch. If the pitch is dropped, it’s an incomplete pass and not a fumble.

The Spartans coaching staff mentioned this to me on numerous occasions.  No need to mention it fellas…this old guy has been around for years. Smile!

The primary recipient of the pass is Junior WR Cam Dennis. The QB who fills the stat sheet along with Dennis is Junior Gabe Franzyk. Springfield ran the play for Dennis 11 times for 94 yards.  Along with his 11  pitches to Dennis, Franzyk completed 12 other balls for 129 yards and finished the game completing 23 of 27 passes for 223 yards.

Dennis says: “Anyone can run the play, but I am happy to be the chosen one and I’m grateful for it.”

Well, that’s being a bit modest since it takes hours of practice to execute the pitch perfectly and also the receiver must be able to take the toss and turn the corner and get up the field.

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Juvenile Diabetes Has Not Stopped Ryan Haines


Ryan Haines plays football at a high level while living with diabetes.

Ryan Haines, a 6-foot, 4-inch, 260-pound offensive tackle from for Salesianum High School in Wilmington, Delaware, tries to stay positive every day of his life. Earlier in his youth, Ryan was playing baseball with his friends and for some reason he said, he didn’t feel right.

His parents, Tim and Nancy Haines, scheduled him a doctor’s appointment almost immediately. What they found out was that Ryan was one of just 200,000 kids under the age of 20 diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. One million people over the age of 20 also have the same disease, which is described as type One Diabetes  The disease prevents the pancreas from producing insulin needed to live a normal life and, as a result, Ryan must monitor his blood-sugar level on a daily basis. As of now there is no cure. His parents, family, and friends often participate in Juvenile Diabetes Walks of Fund Raisers.

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Mastery Charter North Blanked By Delaware Powerhouse

mastery qb

Mastery QB Mason Garnett with a unique pregame look.

Upon arrival at Ben Johnson Memorial Stadium in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, I noticed several young men wearing Mastery North Charter football jerseys but in civilian clothes on the Pumas sideline. When I went over to head coach John Davidson to make sure I had an updated roster, he quickly grabbed the roster from me and crossed out the numbers 4,5 and 6. I had seen Mastery a few weeks ago and those three numbers had impacted the game.

Number 4- Suhail Gillard was the leading rusher; 5- Justin Earl-Porter the leading receiver; and 6-Jeremiah Edrise-Porter was the quarterback.

Davidson was hoping for some of his younger players to step up but knew it would be a tough task against Salesianum High School from Wilmington, Delaware. Last year the Sallies made it all the way to their classification’ss State Championship Game only to lose to Sussex Central. The Pumas then found out why after being thumped 35-0.

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Lincoln Tops Mastbaum, 22-6


Naseym Ferguson

If you are a fan of some old-fashioned smash-mouth football, then Northeast High School’s Charles Martin Stadium was the place to be last night.

Lincoln High School improved to 5-1 by beating Jules Mastbaum High School, 22-6, in a game that featured only 9 passes out of 77 total offensive plays. Lincoln ran 34 times for 91 yards while Mastbaum was more successful in a losing cause, busting 34-170 for an average of 5 yards per carry.

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St. Joe’s Prep Lays It On LaSalle, 44-13

Head sht of young man in a football uniform.

Kyle McCord had a night!

Saint Joe’s Prep and Ohio State-bound QB Kyle McCord wanted his squad to get off to a quick start.

“I wanted us to start fast and once we started I wanted to keep laying it on,” he said.

Well, he sure did just that with an impressive first half by throwing the ball 19 times and completing 13 for 266 yards and 3 TD’s.  McCord and head coach Tim Roken both praised the Prep’s offensive line.

Roken said “We were a little sloppy at times being on the road the last three weeks, so we wanted to clean up a few things and the offensive line was one of them.”

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Frankford Passes By Southern 27- 0


If offense was your preference on a very hot Saturday afternoon at legendary Frankford High School Stadium in Philadelphia, then perhaps you should have stayed home and watched College Football instead.

Frankford won the contest because of their ability to throw the football just good enough to capture the win.


Chester’s Defense and Some Twin Play Lead the Clippers

The Chester Clippers from District 1 and the Braves of John Bartram High School from District 12 went head to head at the South Philadelphia Super Site near the stadium complex on Pattison Avenue.

The Clippers prevailed, 16-12, after jumping out to a 16-0 lead by scoring two touchdowns in the second quarter.  Appropriately the first score came via an interception return of 79 yards by Tahmir Reese.